blue beat in my soul

CD Sampler
recorded: Institut für Wohlklangforschung
released: 2003
label:    blue beat in my soul
  SPV 080-87672
1. Come on (ext. Version) by the Magadogs
2. One ticket flight by Maskapone
3. Ska Summer night by beNuts
4. The Designer Song by the Braces
5. Full Flavour by Schwarz auf Weiss
6. Rockers by Rebelation
7. Don't cry over me by Dublate 48
8. See them drop by Western Special
9. Les Liaisons Dagereuse by Luana Point
10. Push me out by Go Jimmy Go
11. Love we give by Pama International
12. Walk over Water by Downbeatsnapper
13. Someday we're gon.. by The Dreamlets
14. No way out by The Liptones
15. Candela by Yellow Umbrella
16. Runaway Love by Corey Dixon & The Swooks
17. One in a million by Smoke like a Fish
18.Talking Out by the Special Guest