Just Strike Again

CD Sampler
recorded: Big House Studio
released:  2002
label:    Troskot Records
1. Schussel by E.M.S.
2. So? by No Shame
3. Mother fucker ride by Hellroute 16
4. Welcome to Genoa by Klasse Kriminale
5. Studio Sport by Belli Cosi
6. Zu Müde by Radikal Kur
7. No exclusive Club by Sidetracked
8. Vergessene Träume by Baffdecks
9. Lass sie leben by Kafkas
10. Jonny Boy by Twinkles
11. I don't know why by Scorefor
12. Unpredictable by The Peachy Keens
13. Untitled by Mugshot
14. Front bottom by Oi Ska
15. zitounska by Les Dahus
16. Nikczemny chlopak by Skarpeta
17. Guarda Avanti by Los Fastidios
18. Tai ne man by Dr. Green
19. Used to be the King by Madskat
20. Feierabendbier by Maskapone
21. Tic toc by beNuts
22. Big fight by Alpha Boy School
23. Tu gdzic misckam by Skamparas
24. Rian is coming by Viking's Remedy
25. Forget it by Special Guest
26. One leg Song by Yellow Umbrella