Ska generation

CD Sampler
recorded:  Institut f. Wohlkl.
released:  2003
label:     BPR Records
You're surfin' right through the world wide web googling "maskapone" and what did my nearly blind eyes... A Sampler from Russia with a song of us on it... Don't know anything about...
CD1: SKA Generation 1
1. Friend On The Noon The Skaliners
2. Il Ritorno Degli Smodati! Smodati
3. Du Skalme!! Outrage
4. Eruit Son of Blob
5. Тайна / Rlisrerg "Distemper"
6. Waterway Big Banders & The Hoccitus
7. Death Of An Angel Smoke Like A Fish
8. Where Are You From Skat
9. Мистер Бирократ / Mr. Bureaucrat Суперхикс
10. Possibilita Skavesa'
11. Careless Diversion
12. ADD General Rudie
13. One Ticket Flight Maskapone
14. Девочка Болеет За Динамо / The Girl Is A Fun Of Dynamo Skazska
15. There Is No Soon Sounds Like Chicken
16. Bagel Liquid Cheese
17. Праздник / Holiday Skaльпель
18. Tod Hogerbrogers
19. Trojska Baby Skaladdin
20. 2c Doctor Manette
21. Perru / Reggae "Male Factors"
CD2: SKA Generation 2
1. Hello People MoskovSKAya
2. Fashion To Be Rude Franziska
3. Daija Yellow Umbrella
4. Eualuation Day The Planet Smashers
5. Dearhrow APC
6. Santina Vento Di fronda
7. Back On Pig Feet Venus Hill
8. Pommesbude Sondaschule
9. Trip Stop Quatre in Toulouse
10. Hace Calor Les Cameleons
11. Roots The Israelites
12. She Hates Ska I Voted for Kodes
13. Skeb ASPO
14. Borsig Locomotive Brainless Wankers
15. Tales Of The Arizona The Ampherameanies
16. Over-Reaction Wiseacre
17. 15 1/2 Hot Pot
18. Sweat Georgia Beach The Exceptions
19. Masturbarion beNUTS
20. Bad Boy Bad Shakyn
21. Промзона / Industrial Zone "Шлюз"